The project of a calendar of city rafting competitions, which will take part during 2013 had already published in the allotment of our website  "Events". Terms and places of competitions will be specified.
The plan needs comments: 
1. In the program of the Rafting Cup of St. Petersburg three championships among juniors are provided. Thus carrying out competition of Kolpino and Kalinin districts isn't the resolved issue. The regional competitions, which carrying out organizing with the most active participation of the city federation, one of the purposes of carrying out is to promote rafting in St. Petersburg. For last years the federation already carried out the championship among juniors of the Vyborg, Kalinin, Kolpino, Pushkin and Frunze districts of St. Petersburg. Promotion didn't yield results: in one of the listed areas there was no constantly operating section of rafting. According to the aim of competitions that it makes sense to carry out the following regional competitions in other districts of St. Petersburg.
At the same time competitions on smooth water are necessary to members of already existing sections. Therefore the quantity of stages of the Cup was established three and if there are no demands from areas in which it wasn't held yet rafting competitions, stages of the Cup will be carried out as championships among juniors of the Kolpino, Kalinin districts of St. Petersburg and GBOU "Baltiyskiy Bereg".
2. Championship among juniors of Vasileostrovsky district is carried out at the initiative of athletes and trainers of sections of the area. As competitions in the pool will be held by us for the first time, championship among juniors isn't included in the program of the Cup of St. Petersburg. 
3. Championship among juniors of St. Petersburg with a big share of probability will pass in St. Petersburg on one of the Nevsky sleeves. In Losevo works on reconstruction of bridges won't end by August yet . 
4. The rafting championship (men and women) of St. Petersburg is planned to carry out in 2014.